Canals is the twenty-first mission in WorldBuilder.

Available UnitsEdit

Unit Plans?
Buggysprite Yes
Dirtbuggysprite Yes
Snailsprite No
Fishsprite Yes
Steamshovelsprite Yes
Defendersprite Yes
Marinasprite Yes
Bulldozersprite Yes


Goal Mission Goal: Marina

Using your Steamshovels, grab the plans for the Marina on the northeast corner of the map, and the plans for the Buggy on the southwest corner of the map. Make a bridge for the Snails to cross to reach the Wheel Bricks on the southeast corner of the map, located by the assortment of plans. Take apart the Snails, and build a Buggy. Make a bridge for the Buggy to reach the stack of green bricks to the northwest, pick up the bricks, and drop them onto the goal. Then start using your Steamshovels to clear the way for the Fish to move to the goal. Take them all apart on the goal, and you will have enough bricks to build a Marina.

Bonus GoalEdit

Goal bonus Bonus Goal: Fish

Replace any energy bricks as needed. Take apart the Marina and the Buggy. Grab the assortment of plans to the southeast for the Dirtbuggy, Defender, Fish, and Bulldozer. Take apart one of your Steamshovels, and build a Bulldozer to push the boulder out of the way. Move the Bulldozer back to the stack of blue bricks, take it apart, and use the parts to build a Defender. When you're ready, send your Defender in to dismantle the Crabs and the Alligators. You can only build one Defender at a time for this mission, so take care not to let multiple enemies attack it at once, and be sure to replace your Defender's Energy Brick as needed. Once the area is safe, move your Defender to the Bonus Goal and take it apart. Use your Steamshovel to dig up the ground under the bricks, and build a Fish on the goal.