Fish Lake is the eighteenth mission in WorldBuilder.

Available UnitsEdit

Unit Plans?
Fishsprite Yes
Frogsprite Yes
Steamshovelsprite Yes
Treebotsprite Yes
Freightersprite Yes


Goal Mission Goal: Steamshovel

Grab the plans for the Freighter, then move all of the Fish on the map to a single area, and take them apart. Use the parts to build a Freighter, and use it to sort all of the scattered green bricks into one stack (be careful about managing your Freighter's energy, though, as it can run out quickly). Use those bricks to build a Frog, then have it grab the Treebot plans on the nearby island. Take the Frog apart next to the pile of green and blue bricks and an Energy Brick, then use the bricks to build a Treebot. Uproot either tree blocking the way to the Steamshovel plans, and retrieve them.

From here, use your Freighter to pick up the stack of yellow bricks, and place them next to the tires on the small upper island. You can take apart your Freighter and use its Energy Brick to build the Steamshovel, or you can take an Energy Brick from elsewhere and place it on the island. Regardless of how you do it, after building the Steamshovel, immediately take it apart, then use your Freighter to drop the parts off next to the goal.

Bonus GoalEdit

Goal bonus Bonus Goal: Fish

Take apart the Steamshovel near the lake, then use your Freighter one last time to carry the parts to the island where the Treebot is located. Use your Steamshovel and Treebot to clear a path to the goal, then move your Treebot to the goal and take it apart. Use your Steamshovel to dig up the land under the Treebot parts, then use them to build a Fish on the goal.