When Crabs Attack is the twelfth mission of WorldBuilder.

Available UnitsEdit

Unit Plans?
Buggysprite Yes
Dirtbuggysprite Yes
Ducksprite Yes
Steamshovelsprite Yes
Forkliftsprite Yes
Treebotsprite Yes


Goal Mission Goal: Duck

Move the camera to where the Forklift is located, then grab the plans for the Duck and the Steamshovel. Build a Duck and use it to grab the plans for the Treebot, then use the Forklift to assemble pieces for the Steamshovel. Build it, then make a bridge to the other side of the river. Grab the stacks of green bricks with the Forklift, place them with the stack of blue bricks, and build a Treebot. Uproot and plant the trees as you see fit, but be careful of which ones you uproot, as you may clear the path for a Crab to destroy your Treebot. Move the Duck to the goal once the path is clear.

Bonus GoalEdit

Goal bonus Bonus Goal: Dirtbuggy

Grab the plans for the Buggy, if you haven't already, then take apart the Duck at the goal's original spot so that you can make use of its energy brick; afterwards, use your Forklift to grab a fresh energy brick. Carry the brick to the same spot where the goal was, and take the Forklift apart so that you can build a Buggy; move the Steamshovel near the same area and take it apart as well, so that you can build a Dirtbuggy. When you're all set, build a Buggy on the other side of the terrain. Time this carefully, as the nearby Crabs can destroy your Buggy. Navigate carefully around the Crabs, then grab the Dirtbuggy plans; at this point, you no longer need to worry about the Crabs destroying your Buggy. Proceed to build a Dirtbuggy with the leftover Steamshovel parts, and, once again, time your movements towards the bonus goal carefully, as it is also guarded by a Crab.