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WorldBuilder is an online game by the LEGO® Group based on LEGO® products. It is the prequel to WorldBuilder 2.

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The game consists of a board of squares of various terrains in which players move around units and try to get a particular unit to the goal, a floating gray exclamation point. Each different unit requires an amount of bricks to create, but in order to create a unit, one must obtain a "plan." Different units do different actions and move at different speeds.

After the player has achieved the goal, (s)he may try to reach the bonus goal. The bonus goal is optional, but will give the player a higher score once (s)he completes the game. The bonus goal works in the same way as the standard goal, and appears as a floating yellow star.

If the player has achieved the goal of a level, it appears as a red flag in the main menu. If, in addition, the bonus goal has been reached, the flag has a star on it. Unsolved levels appear as question marks.

A completed level unlocks the next level, and occasionally the level after that, depending on how quickly the player completed the goal.


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